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Resion Bond Diamond Grinding Wheels

Grinding wheel is a wheel composed of an abrasive compound and used for various grinding (abrasive cutting) and abrasive machining operations. A Diamond grinding wheel is a cutting tool having thousands of sharp abrasive grains on the face of it, which do the cutting action. We offer grinding wheels which are highly acknowledged for their various attributes due to which these are highly demanded among the vast client base. Our products are available at the most affordable prices and can also be customized as per the specific demands of clients.

Machinable Materials:

PCD, PCBN, carbide, high speed steel, cermet, ceramic, cast iron, magnetic material, stainless steel, glass, monocrystalline silicon, etc.

Grinding Wheel Model:

Various shapes: parallel grinding wheel, cup shape, bowl shape, dish shape, etc.
Models are customized base on the requirement of customers.


1. High grinding efficiency and relatively slow grinding wheel consumption;
2. Good self-sharpness, small heat generation during grinding, not easy to block, reducing the imagination of working burns during grinding;
3. The grinding wheel has certain elasticity, which is helpful to improve the roughness of the workpiece surface. It is mainly used for fine grinding, semi-fine grinding, knife grinding, polishing and other processes;
4. Diamond resin grinding wheels are solidified at low temperature, with short production cycle and simple equipment and supply process. Because the resin has fluidity, it is easy to mold grinding wheels with complex surfaces.


1. High quality imported resin materials.
2. Selectively match diamond abrasives according to different processing needs
3. Excellent self-sharpening, high grinding efficiency
4. Perfect processing quality


1. Precise grinding of PCD, PCBN and ceramic insert
2. Precise grinding of carbide and cermet insert
3. Machining of saw blades, band saws, milling cutters, drill used for woodworking.
4. Precise high quality machining of monocrystalline siliconand high precision elctronic glass.
5. Machining of cast iron, hard steel, stainless, and other machininery parts.


Grinding Wheel Model Main Application
Parallel grinding wheel mainly used for cylindrical grinding and cutting edge machining of cemented carbide
Parallel-arc grinding wheel mainly used for forming and grinding of hard alloy and forming of arc surface
Double-sided concave grinding wheel mainly used for grinding measuring tools and coreless grinding wheels
Double bevel grinding wheel mainly used for forming and grinding of hard alloy gear hob and thread cutter
Bowl-shaped grinding wheel mainly used for sharpening of hard alloy tools and high-speed steel tools
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