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PDC Cutters for Mining

Polycrystalline diamond composite(PDC) sheet is made of diamond particles and cemented carbide matrix sintered at 60,000 atmospheres, high temperature and high pressure above 1500℃, and has the high hardness of diamond and the high toughness of cemented carbide. It has high wear resistance and strong impact toughness. It is widely used in petroleum drills and geology Drill bit and so on.

PDC cutters for Mining applications including high impact cutter, abrasion resistance cutter, and general-purpose cutter. Besides standard PDC cutters, we make customized inserts for use in a variety of drilling tools.

The PDC cutter performance requirements for general mining operations in coal fields/mines are slightly lower. Because the general operating stratum such as coal fields and mines is relatively shallow, the geological conditions are not as strict as the petroleum requirements.

In addition to the standard PDC cutter, our company can also process various specifications of PDC according to customer needs, such as spherical substrate, wire cutting, polishing, etc.


Our company has the most advanced PCD performance test lab in China targeted on product development for the Oil & Gas drilling and mining industry. This enables our company to provide our customers with practical solutions for their PDC cutter needs.

PDC cutter have high hardness, wear resistance and impact resistance, are widely used for oil/gas well drill bit, rock drill and coal mining bit also could be used for diamond tools for cutting, grinding, polishing.

The petroleum geological drill bit has the effect of impacting, crushing and shearing the formation rock when drilling into the formation rock because of the existence of the PDC cutter; therefore, the PDC bit composite sheet is used on the petroleum geological bit and can be well adapted to Soft, medium and hard strata.


1. Our company’s products have extremely high abrasion resistance.
2. PDC drilling bit made of such PDC will break up rocks depending on shearing action when it works, which is more effective than crushing of rocks by roller cone bit or plowing and grinding of rocks by diamond impregnated bit.
3. High impact resistance, .sharp and stable.
4. The serrate structure combination between polycrystalline diamond layer and hard alloy substrate allows more fixed combination between the two layers and more impact resistance of the whole PDC.


Drilling bits, Downhole tools, Mining tools and so on.

pdc cutters for mining 5


Picture Model Diameter(±0.03)




Diamond layer thickness(±0.2)


1304 13.30 4.5 1.5
1308 13.44 8.0 2.1
1313 13.44 13.20 2.1
1608 16.00/15.88 8.00 2.1
1610 16.00/15.88 10.00 2.1
1613 16.00/15.88 13.20 2.1
1913 19.05 13.20 2.1
1916 19.05 16.00 2.1
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